20x24 Polaroid Portrait on SnapShot

Posted on by Tim Mantoani

Take a look at Tim's new TV show, SnapShot, at www.snapshotsd.com. Tim is directing and shooting six episodes around San Diego. One of his subjects is long time AP photographer, Lenny Ignelzi. Watch as Tim takes a 20x24 Polaroid portrait and interviews Trevor Hoffman and iconic sports shooter Michael Zagaris.

Cosas Hombre Magazine - Peru

Posted on by Tim Mantoani

Here are a few spreads from the 8 page story on Behind Photographs in Cosas Hombre published in Lima, Peru. 

Second edition books are on the way! Please email us at studio@mantoani.com to reserve a copy.


Intro Hombre Mag copy.jpg
Cosas hombre spread 3.jpg
Hombre peru spread 4.jpg